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Welcome to the Department of Geological Sciences.  There are a lot of exciting things happening right now that make this a great place to work, study, and conduct research.  Our department continues to grow!  This January Drs. Benjamin Brunner and Gail Lee Arnold joined our faculty.  Dr. Brunner brings his enthusiasm for research and teaching subjects in light stable isotope geochemistry and geobiology.  Dr. Arnold will expand her interests in low-temperature metal isotope geochemistry into the realm of ore-realted processes, as well as open up a new series of classes in scientific communication. Recently, Dr. Deana Pennington who specializes in geospatial, integrated modeling and analysis of change in human/environmental systems also joined our team. In January 2015, Dr. Marianne Karplus will join us as a new Assistant Professor in Geophysics. 

Our Environmental Science program continues to succeed, adding students and expanding student research endeavors.  Our students in Geology and Geophysics continue to do great work, taking advantage of some outstanding summer field work opportunities. I think this is a great place to study geoscience and it is a great time to be part of our department.  I look forward to our continued growth and success well into the future.

Dr. Laura Serpa
Geological Sciences