The UTEP 5 year $2.9 million grant awarded from the National Science Foundation has chosen its first cohort of graduate Fellows. The diverse group of "Scientist in Residence" Fellows will serve as a STEM resource for the Early College High School (ECHS) science teachers and as mentors for the students, helping them build practical understandings of science.

The Fellows will be science education leaders spending 10 hours per week at their campus engaging students in activities around the theme "Science for a Sustainable Future." Some of these activities include;

*Working with teachers and students in the classroom
*Learning inquiry based teaching approaches
*Organizing STEM field trips
*Inviting and hosting scientists on campuses
*Organizing and disseminating science information in their specialty
*Offering to organize professional development for students
*Facilitating research access for ECHS students

The Fellows along with science teachers from the ECHS campuses spent a week together on campus this summer getting to know one another and learning more about the specific challenges facing our border desert populations. With the start of the new academic year the Fellows have already spent time with students at the ECHS campuses. The Fellows receive a yearly stipend, tuition and fees plus health insurance.

Looking at the picture;

Bottom row from left to right: Claudia Santiago (Geology), Cheryl Storer (Biology), Sarah Cervera (Geology).

Second row from left to right: Gena Esposito (Biology), Jaidee Zavala (Biology), Christian Servin (Computational Science).

Top row left to right: Ezer Patlan (Geology), and Ron Cardenas (Computational Science).

More information about the program can be found at http://gk12.utep.edu