The UTEP Department of Geological Sciences is developing a unique educational idea:

Entrepreneurial Geosciences.

We say that the ‘discovery’ phase of resource development is unique, and we propose a Center of learning devoted to that phase of resource development.  This is the entrepreneurial and high risk-taking stage of resource development and production.   Certainly, subsequent entrepreneurial actions add to the value or lower the cost of the product.  

Our Mission

We aspire to become a nationally and globally significant Center for the development of entrepreneurial leadership in mineral and energy exploration, as measured by student output and longer term success, educational quality, industry participation, and research and development contributions to the field.



Students entering the geoscience exploration industry have limited useful skills, and they are low in number.  The curriculum and extracurricular activities of the center will be designed to provide students with the diverse knowledge necessary for a successful explorationist. Applicants are considered individually.


How is UTEP CEGS different?

Entrepreneurial thinking on an immersion basis.

1. Three hours per week of contact with the students are provided for each class at UTEP, during which time a professor engages students. Students make presentations, lead discussions, and develop and ...


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Goal for funding the Center:  $2 Million.