CEGS Geo-Incubator Lecture Series

A new, periodic, lecture series is announced, the Geo-Incubator Lecture Series, which celebrates the struggles, successes, and failures of entrepreneurial efforts in fields related to the geological sciences.  Alumni from the Department of Geological Sciences and other geologists living in the region have created successful careers for themselves and others partly dependent on geoscience or earth system science knowledge and skills.  Their knowledge and stories provide a good learning experience and inspiration for others.  The audience has been Special Lectures, as well as collaboration with the geological department students and staff at Technical Session, which is widely announced.  Sponsors for this series are 1) the Center of Entrepreneurial Geosciences; and the 2) UTEP Student Section of the Society of Economic Geology (SEG).  Lectures are held periodically.  Power points and other items are preserved for future use.  The following five lectures of the series have taken place.


- Exploration Processes in the Gold Mining Business

October 2018.
Lewis Teal CPG, Inc
Co-sponsored with the UTEP-SEG student chapter

- Comments from an Explorationist, Mexico Mineral Resources

April 17, 2018. View Presentation

Noel McAnulty

Factors Affecting Mineral Resource Development

Mexico’ Investment Climate—Brief History

Resource Finders, Evaluators, Developers

Experiences as a Resource Finder

Future Resources: What, Where and How

Fostering Entrepreneurship in Artisanal Mining to Build Sustainable Communities

March 26, 2018. View Presentation

Leight Freeman and Rob Jojansing

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- Entrepreneurial Exploration: Perspective, Perception and Perseverence


October 25, 2017. View Presentation: Part 1, Part 2



Peter K.M. Megaw





Minera Cascabel S.A. de C.V


MAG Silver




- Exploration


November 10, 2016, J.D. Lowell, JD Lowell Inc

One of the globally noted mineral explorationist, JD Lowell honored the Center (CEGS) by traveling to El Paso for this talk. David spent the day in a classroom talking to students and making a presentation to faculty and students of his legendary career in exploration, He has participated in many discoveries in the range of 15 or 17, normally we recognize a geologist as exceptional when he or she has two or three discoveries. Imagine 17!

David Lowell is owner of the Lowell Mineral Exploration, LLC. He earned his B.S. Mining Engineering and Economic Geology degrees from the University of Arizona, a MS Geology from Stanford University, and was awarded a Doctor Honoris Causa degree from Univ. Mayor de San Marcos, Peru. He has worked as a consultant for over 100 companies and governments in more than 25 countries and has participated in ten major mine feasibility studies.

He is coauthor of the Lowell-Guilbert porphyry copper genetic model, which contributed to the discovery of major copper mines. He is known as "the porphyry guy".


- The Junior Exploration Industry, a difficult but workable business model

October 7 - 9, 2015. Rodney N. Thomas, Votorantim Metals adn PDAC. View Presentation

The Center (CEGS) was honored to host Rodney Thomas, current President of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, the most influential global organization devoted to mineral discovery and exploration. Rodney spent Thursday talking to students and making a presentation to assembled faculty and students, entitled " The Junior Exploration Industry, a difficult but workable business model". A nice meal was attended by about 20 faculty and students.

Friday, a visit was madeto a local prospect, the Round Top HREE deposit (trer.com). 

- Cooperatives in Mexico and Portland Cement Production


April 15, 2014 - David Cardenas, Cruz Roja
David is a UTEP alumnus (1980-83) and has worked with Cruz Roja for 27 years.
The structure of their company is unique.  

- Case History of the Blind Discovery of the Western Half of the Fresnillo Silver District, Zacatecas, Mexico

September 7, 2013 - Dr. Peter Megaw
Dr. Peter K.M. Megaw Consulting Exploration Geologist President of IMDEX/Cascabel and co-founder of Minera Cascabel and MAG Silver. His Ph.D. work at the University of Arizona was an exploration-focused geological/ geochemical study of the Santa Eulalia Ag-Pb-Zn District, Chihuahua and Carbonate Replacement Deposits (CRDs) in general. He has published extensively on CRDs and is a frequent speaker at international academic and technical symposia. His primary exploration foci are CRDs, Epithermal Vein Deposits and Porphyry Copper Deposits and he and his team are credited with the significant discoveries at Juanicipio-Fresnillo, Zacatecas; Platosa, Durango; and Cinco de Mayo-Pozo Seco, Chihuahua.  Peter was awarded the Society of Mining Engineers 2012 Robert M. Dreyer Award for excellence in Applied Economic Geology and the Carnegie Mineralogical Medal for 2009.  Peter also serves as the industrial advisor of the Society of Economic Geology, UTEP student section to the national organization.

- Mexico Welcomes the Mining Entrepreneur 

April 5, 2012 - Mark S. Issacs
Mark Issacs is Co-Founder of MexMetals LLC, El Paso, Texas. Mr. Isaacs was also co-founder of Animas Resources, Inc. (TSX) and Pediment Gold (TSX). He outlined Mexico’s standing in worldwide mineral exploration and discuss its future growth potential. Mr. Isaacs also discussed the wide range of entrepreneurial skills required to successfully explore for gold in Mexico. 

- Frac Sand and Industrial Minerals

November 9, 2011 - Lloyd Krumery
Co-sponsored with the student sections of SEG and AAPG.

- Rocks, Stocks, and Shocks

April 29, 2011 - William (Bill) Sherrif, view the presentation.