The previous 20 years in the USA have seen the widespread closing of geology departments at universities, and the cessation of the teaching of economic geology in others.  Presently, US students entering the geoscience exploration industry have limited useful skills, and they are low in number.   At the same time, Silicon Valley and activities surrounding it receive much attention; entrepreneurial perception is valued.  In geology discoveries are different and require slightly different consideration. 

Are we training our students to know their abilities and dimensions? In Chihuahua City on Feb.22, one of our CEGS speakers challenged:  “When are we going to begin teaching our students that there are options other than being employees?”  The curriculum and extracurricular activities of the Center are designed to improve students with respect to the diverse knowledge necessary for a successful explorationist and entrepreneur.

Applicants are considered individually. Successful applicants will have a broad background, entrepreneurial traits, and some experience. The fellowship/scholarship stipend will be enough to attract the best students in the US, Canada, Mexico and other regions.  Student support is essential for program sustainability, but it is currently limited.  It is anticipated that the program will be in demand and the student population may be approximately 50% US citizens, and 50% otherwise.

Center activities currently consist of a two year M.S. program with residency at UTEP in El Paso, Texas, required.  An internship is encouraged.  Personal, active, semi-constant, sometimes intense, human interaction and discussion concerning the topics at hand cannot be replaced by Online Learning.  Mental and interpersonal abilities developed and exercised at the UTEP Center will be unequaled. Certification options are being considered.

Thirty five thousand dollars is an approximate annual living expense for students. Tuition is separate, and may run $7,000 for two semesters (see UTEP website).  The Center will develop scholarship funds, however, at the initiation of the Center, January 1, 2014, there are no scholarship funds.  In anticipation that this condition may change, scholarship applications are being accepted.  Financial recipients will be expected to provide a portion of their student needs.

It is anticipated that the program will be in demand and the student population may be approximately 50% US citizens, and 50% otherwise.

Science, engineering, business, and social science students with a B.S. or more advanced degree are an initial target for the Center activities.

Undergraduates are also eligible for the CEGS Program.  A B.A. Degree program in Entrepreneurial Geosciences in under development.   

Courses must be directed to improving and expanding the perspectives, capabilities, and knowledge of the student with respect to entrepreneurial geoscience interests and problems.