The Center is the place for promising students with interests and capabilities in entrepreneurial geosciences; it will enhance their knowledge and skills, challenge their thinking, and prepare them to succeed within all aspects of the Discovery stage of geoscience exploration.

Long-term Mission:

1. To become a nationally and globally significant Center for the development of entrepreneurial leadership in mineral and energy exploration, as measured by student output and longer term success, educational quality, industry participation, and research and development contributions to the field.  The Center will provide students with financial support, technical expertise, research facilities, opportunities to think out-of-the-box, and connections to industry.  Understanding the character of the entrepreneurial mind, success of discovery, and the requirements of company development, will be constant objectives. Upon satisfactory completion of requirements, the Center will grant access to Degrees, both a Bachelor's of Science (B.S) and Master's of Science (M.S.).  The Center strongly recognizes the need for personnel in the exploration industry to have diverse backgrounds.  This means that students are welcome with backgrounds and interests in sociology, anthropology, and psychology, in addition to the more expected geology and business.  

2. Exploration leads to discovery, and is at the start of the commodity development cycle and is where the Mission of the Center will focus.  Geology, ideas, data, money, and risk, produce exploration.  Knowledge of these aspects is most important for a significant discovery.  Exploration requires environmental and social responsibilities.   The entrepreneurial geoscientist deals with all of these aspects in diverse and complex ways, and many other interfacing details.

3. Entrepreneurial geologists have been around since at least the Bronze Age, and have subsequently introduced many new materials and technologies.  The Center will pursue creative people, and those who aspire to help develop new ways of responding to commodity needs today.  The Center will guide them to recognize, and acquire the skills they need.  The Center is dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial expertise in mineral and energy resources.  Increased awareness and action with respect to the human element is necessary today.

A wide range of activities is available to aid in carrying out the Mission of CEGS, including classes, a program, short courses, web-based learning, lecture series, field trips, professional meetings, and research.