CEGS resides within an educational and research institution, and the practicing and furthering of these activities is certainly a major objective of the Center.  The Product of these efforts is given below, divided into general topics. The Center officially started January 2014, however activities were in action before that time. 

Discovery is the emphasis of products.  PhD and MS degrees have been awarded.  A one year Certificate of Entrepreneurial Geosciences is anticipated soon, and applicants may proceed.


Mickey Merguerian, MS, 2016, Quantifying a Mining Investability Quotient to Mitigate Junior Mining Investment Risk.  View Thesis


2. Technical   

2.1 Exploration near mine site

Castulo Molina, PhD, 2016, Geology and Mineralization Controls Surrounding the Palmarejo Mining

             District  - Remote Sensing and Hands-on Exploration Techniques

Arturo Ramirez, MS,  2016, Statistical Data Analysis of the Guadalupe and Don Ese Ag-Au Epithermal

             Vein Systems to Understand the Geochemical Processes Involved in the Ore Body Formation,

             Palmarejo District, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Antonio Garcia, PhD, in process, Geology and Mineralization in the Preciosa Mining District, Durango, Mexico

2.2 Grass roots exploration, site selection, claim staking

Potential MS topics:

Mineral exploration in the Sylvanite District, in southwestern New Mexico

Mineral exploration at the Apache Hills, Southwest New Mexico

2.3 Brine exploration

Stephani Ray, MS, 2016, National evaluation for development and exploration potential of mineral commodities in produced waters

2.4 Regional Geological reconnaissance

James Armstrong,  MS, in process, West Texas Uranium Province.