Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Program

Summer 2003


Type of Research Mentor (Professor)
Carbajal, Mickey The Ecological Aspects of Lizard Populations at Indio Mountain Research Station
Dr. Johnson
Comeau, Delias Seepage Losses from the Franklin Canal between the Heading and Ascarate Wasteway
Dr. Sheng

McDonald, Michelle

Detection of Venom Proteins using Isoelectric Focusing and Antibodies
Dr. Rael
Nunez, Melissa Creating Metal - Binding Peptide Polymers

Dr. Webb
Rajabi, Laila Drug Development Against Mycobacteria

Dr. Primm
Ramirez, Claudia Gene Expression Affected by the Endocrine Disrupting Chemical 4-Nonylphenol in Winter Flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) Dr. Baldwin
Ruiz, Jorge A Preliminary Phylogeny of New World Verbenaceae Based on nrDNA sequences
Dr. Freeman
Salezar, Jennifer Geographic Variation of Diet of the Mojave Rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus)
Dr. Lieb
Soto, Edith M. Do Heavy Metals Induce HSP60 in Rotifers?

Dr. Walsh
Weikel, Priscilla Anthracene Exposure Affects Growth in Mummichogs
(.ppt file, power point)
Dr. Bain
Zuniga, Adrian Phosphatidylserine Synthesis in HT29 Cells

Dr. Das


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