Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Program

Summer 2004


Program Director: Dr. Rafael Cabeza

EPCC Program Co-Director: Pablo Mendoza

Program Coordinator: Dominic Lannutti

EPCC Faculty Mentor: Glenda Hill


Bridges Researcher

Faculty Mentor

Research project

Anchondo, Gloria

Renato Aguilera/Armando Varela

Using DNAse II Inhibitors to Improve DNA Vaccines protocols.

Delgado, Christine

Kristine Garza

Assessing Mycobacterium avium Interaction with Phagocytes as a Potential Virulence Factor.

Garcia, Charles

Rafael Cabeza


Graf, Carly

William McKay

Are Crematogaster larrea & Cremastogaster depilis the Same species?

Hernandez, Melissa

Carl Lieb


Hernandez, Rebecca

DiGiovanni (Texas A&M Ext Center)

Bacterial Source Tracking.

Lozoya, Jose

Jerry Johnson

The Ecological Aspects of Lizard Populations at Indio Mountain Research Station.

Marquez, Arturo



Martinez, Iantha

Zuping Sheng (Texas A&M Ext Center)

The Effect of Pumping on Groundwater Quality and Level.

Ramirez, Claudia

Dominic Lannutti/Elizabeth Walsh

Genetic Assessment in Crotalus scutulatus, using AFLP’s.

Rajabi, Laila

Todd Primm

Plumbagin Mechanism of Action Against Mycobacterim smegmatis.

Rivera, Cynthia

Sid Das

PLA2 Inhibition and Apoptosis In The Epithelial Adenocarcinoma Cell HT-29

Salazar, Michael

Elizabeth Walsh

Unpalatability of a Colonial Rotifer, Sinatherina socialis, to Invertebrate Predators.

Toy, Fedra

Glenda Hill/Cindy Crews (EPCC mentor)

A Mosquito Vector survey of the El Paso Area.

Vasquez, Amalia

Elizabeth Gardner

Florescent Tag for Physical Developer


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