Bridges to the Baccalaureate Research Program
Summer 2008

Program Director: Igor Almeida
Program Coordinator: Dominic Lannutti
EPCC Faculty Mentor: Jose Maldonado


Bridges Researcher

Research Project

Faculty Mentor

1. Arellano, Yadira

Kristine Garza

The Effect of Leptin on Dendritic Cells

2. Barry, David

Renato Aguilera

Immune Challenge in DNase II Deficient Flies

3. Chisolm, Nicole

Sid Das

Indirubin Affects the Viability of Cancer Cells

4. Cordero, Jose

Dr. Jerry Johnson/ Jose Maldonado*

The Effects of Oxygen Consumption on the Bioenergetics of Rattlesnakes

5. Gonzales, Amanda

Jianying Zhang

Screening for Autoantibodies to Sui1 as a Potential Marker for Prostate and Lung Cancer

6. Meza, Denisse

Igor Almeida

Expression of ?-Galactosyl Epitopes in Trypomastigote and Amastigote Forms of Trypanosoma cruzi

7. Muniz, Adrian

Laura O’Dell

Characterization of Nicotine Reward in Rats

8. Ramirez, Bianca

Craig Tweedie

How has the Asthma Aggravating Potential of Vegetation in the Franklin Mountains, El Paso, Texas, changed over the past decade?

9. Ramirez, Gina

ElizabethWalsh/ Dominic Lannutti*

Comparative Analysis of Venom Expression in Crotalus scutulatus

10. Ramos, Yamil

Kristin Gosselink

Development of an In Vitro Assay for Bioassayable Growth Hormone

11. Rivera, Elisa

German Rosas-Acosta


12. Rodriguez, Ruby

Manuel Llano

Cloning LEDGF/p52 into pGEX-6P-1

13. Stetler, Alyssa

Vanessa Lougheed/ Rosa Maldonado

In vitro studies of organotin activity against Lieshmania parasites


** EPCC Mentor


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