Facilities lead

CEEIR houses state-of-the-art instrumentation, for example for the analysis of the isotope composition and concentration of major and trace elements (Multicollector ICPMS and ICP-OES). Currently, we are building a light stable isotope laboratory for the analysis of hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur isotopes. The new laboratory will be running in Spring 2015.

Isotopic Analysis

Nu Plasma 121 MC-ICPMS: Our Nu Instruments high resolution MC-ICP-MS is housed in its own complex on the ground floor of Geology, consisting of an entry room, mechanical room, and the instrument room. The instrument room has a high-precision temperature control system (and separate humidity control) for optimal measurement conditions, as well as dedicated roof-line exhaust. In support of the instrument, the room also contains a water filtration system and a Class 100 bench. The other two rooms in the complex contain ancillary equipment to the instrument, isolated from the instrument to optimize performance.  

This instrument was aquired with support from the NSF EAR MRI/IF program & the UTEP ORSP fund.

Elementar Isoprime IRMS (GeoVisION): The establishment of our new light stable isotope laboratory is underway. With the combination of an Isoprime Vario Pyro Cube and an Isoprime VisION isotope ratio mass spectrometer we will be able to measure the hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, and sulfur isotope composition of solid and liquid samples. In support of the instrument, we have a designated wet chemistry laboratory for sample preparation and a weighing room that is equipped with a Mettler Toledo XP6 microbalance (0.001 mg readability, with computer interface).  

This instrument was aquired with funds from the State of Texas STARS award.  

Support Facilities

ICP-OES:  A Perkin Elmer 5300DV Optical Emission Spectrometer is available for bulk chemical analysis in support of sample screening and column chemistry.


Ion Chromatography: A Dionex ICS-2100 system is operating for major anion analysis in aqueous samples.


Total Sulfur and Carbon analyzer: A Leco 632 TS/TC analyzer is available for measuring sulfur and carbon contents in organic samples.


cleanroom south lowres

Clean Room: CEEIR has its own dedicated space on the second floor of the Geology building. The facility consists of a Class 100/1000 (ISO 5/6) clean room complex (ante-room, wet lab, separation lab) with fume hoods (perchloric acid capable), two hepa-filtered laminar flow exhausting hoods, a Class 100 bench, and a separate hepa-filtered drying tunnel, suitable for preparation of samples for isotope analyses, digestions, and evaporation of strong acids. This complex contains a variety of small equipment, such as an analytical balance, laboratory centrifuge, hotplates, distillation equipment, and a significant amount of plastic laboratory products.

The clean room was recently (2014) renovated with the support from UTEP ORSP and facilities.

Mineral and Rock Preparation Laboratory: The department has all the required rock preparation tools in-house, including rock saws, a large jaw crusher, a disk grinder, and mineral separation facilities (a dedicated hood for use with heavy liquids and a Frantz magnetic separator).