Fee Structure

FeeStructure lead

The Center for Earth and Environmental Isotope Research (CEEIR) at UTEP is open to sample analysis, either as collaborative work or non-collaborative (industry) work.


Clean Laboratory Facilities

In support of the mass spectrometer, the department houses a Class 100/1000 (ISO 5/6) clean room complex (ante-room, wet lab, and separation lab) with fume hoods (perchloric acid capable), two hepa-filtered laminar flow exhausting hoods, and a separate hepa-filtered drying tunnel, suitable for preparation of samples for isotope analyses, digestions, and evaporation of strong acids.
The department has an Mineral and Rock Preparation Laboratory to facilitate sample preparation. 
A Perkin Elmer 5300DV Optical Emission Spectrometer is available for bulk chemical analysis in support of sample screening and column chemistry.

Fee Schedule

Analysis Type

*Academic Collaboration      


MC-ICP-MS (Nu Plasma HR)



Instrument time for isotopic analysis with wet/dry sample introduction
Sample preparation and QA/QC prior to arrival at CEEIR

per hour (minimum 4)



per day






MC-ICP-MS Sample preparation and analysis
**Complete processing (by CEEIR) and measurement of isotopic compositions on a per sample basis

We are currently set-up for the analysis of
Sr, Nd, Pb, Hf, Fe, Cu, Zn, U, Th

$150 per analysis

$300 per analysis




These rates are an estimate, and actual rates will depend on the level of collaboration and funding. Rates are based on the assumption that the external researcher will complete the sample preparation on-site, and/or bring purified solutions. In other cases, rates will be increased to include technician time.

Please contact us for a project estimate.

*Note: The collaborative rate assumes that analyses will be carried out by a visiting researcher. If all work is to be done by UTEP personnel there is an additional charge for technician time.
**Note: Additional sample preparation, such as Parr bomb digestions may increase charges and will be negotiated in advance.