How is CEGS different

How we are different;  How is UTEP CEGS different?

Service to the Student:

Entrepreneurial thinking on an immersion basis.

1.     Three hours per week of contact with the students are provided for each class at UTEP, during which time a professor engages students.  Students make presentations, lead discussions, and develop and express technical, business, social, ethical and intellectual skills.  For more personal contact, see #4, below.  Interactions happen with students and faculty continually during the week.

2.     Opportunity to access web-based Technical and Professional Development courses, is part of the learning experience.  CEGS purchased a license from; you will have the opportunity to take their excellent classes.

3.     Activities are undertaken in and out of class which require the participation and interaction of students.  Frequent group projects, field trips and socials provide interchange, which promotes cohesiveness, motivation, cross pollination, and positivity.  Learning from other knowledgeable, motivated, students is part of the methodology, and the Program strives to enhance it.

4.     Personal Advisor.  Each student has a personal academic advisor who helps plan and approve student curriculum for each of the two semesters.  Emphasis is on the development of outlooks and knowledge different than and in addition to the current perspective of that student.  Student development is the objective. Certificates are a measure of progress.

5.     The Student Advisory Committee (SAC) consists of professionals from industry who provide advice to students.

6.     Access to Professor in Residence, numerous Guest Speakers and much more.

7.     Opportunity of two semesters In Residence for each student.  This is immersion.

UTEP will provide the student enhanced, multidimensional challenges, skills, opportunities, and networking.  Potential students who want more than web based learning, and who value motivation, skill enhancement, real examples for learning, and networking, think UTEP.

Service to Potential Employers:

1.      UTEP evaluation of social and technical skills.  The Personal Advisor knows each student.

2.     Development of Essential Skills and Outlooks are demonstrated.

3.     Learning abilities, thinking abilities, motivation and ethics are observed.