JEOL ECA600 - 600MHz NMR Spectrometer (Location: CCSB G.0701)

The JEOL ECA600 NMR spectrometer is a high performance, research grade 600 MHz NMR system usable to a wide range of applications. The system is designed around a modular, digital NMR electronics chassis controlled from a Windows™ workstation and acquisition system. The ECA600 configuration consists of two broadband transmitters with one high frequency and one low frequency amplifier. Every transmitter has an integrated waveform generator for phase, frequency and amplitude control. Pulse shaping is generated under software control, giving you unlimited choice of expression-based or tabular shapes. The ECA can also easily generate off-resonance pulses such as SLP (shifted laminar pulses). JEOL ECA600 was funded by the University of Texas System Library, Equipment, Repair and Rehabilitation program in 2009


Magnet: 600 MHz high-field shielded magnet on ultra stabilized TMC air legs
Observation: 1H, 19F and from 13P to 15N
Probe: 5mm 60TH5/AT/FG2 broadband 600 Mhz Z-gradient high resolution with automated tuning and matching
Sampler: Easy-access 24-slot auto sampler
Variable Temperature: Experiments from -100°C to +150°C
Software: Advanced user-friendly Jeol Delta™ on Windows™ XP workstation


Model: JEOL 60TH5/AT/FG2
Sample Diameter: 5mm
Nucleus S/N Ratio Pulse width (us)
1H 320:1 (0.1% Ethyl Benzene) 15
19F 320:1 (0.05% Trifluoro toluene) 15
13C 230:1 (10% Ethyl Benzene) 15
15N 25:1 (90% Formamide) 25
31P 130:1 (1% Trimethylphosphite) 15