General Equipment

Tour of The Bernal Lab
Chemistry and Computer Science Building Room G.0510


Panoramic View of Lab


Student Office Area


Nuaire Biological Safety Cabinet


Fume Hood


Manual cryo Plunger

Beckman UV/Vis Spectrophotometer


Liquid N2 Storage Area


Chemicals and Balance Area


Crushed ice machine


BioRad Experion Microfluidic Protein Electrophoretic Analysis


Protein and DNA Gel Staining and Documentation Area


Glassware Cabinet


Techne Thermocycler and PCR Area


pH Meter Area


Honeybee Crystallization Robot and Crystal Screening and Documentation Microscope


Millipore Water Purification


Panasonic Portable Autoclave



Excella E25 Bacteria Shaker and VWR shaker Incubators



AKTA Purifier and AKTA Start Protein Purification Systems


Beckman Avanti J-E Centrifuge


Beckman Optima L-90K Ultracentrifuge


Beckman Allegra X-15R tabletop centrifuge


Beckman microfuge 18 microcentrifuge


-20 freezer and 4 degree refrigerator



Harris -80 C Deep Freezer




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