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UTEP Computational Science

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The Computational Science program, launched in 2008, has currently over 30 faculty and staff members from different disciplines in the Colleges of Science and Engineering; they contribute to this program by designing and teaching courses, leading research and curriculum development efforts, establishing computational and experimental facilities, and mentoring students. Along with new developing technologies, computational science has been growing fast in the past decades, providing increasingly important problem-solving tools for these research endeavors.

We witness rapid advances of new data-enabled research areas in bioscience and bioengineering, chemistry and forensic science, computer science and electrical engineering, finance and business management, geology and ecoinformatics, physics and mechanical engineering, and atmospheric modeling and space exploration. Working with my colleagues to develop computational science at UTEP has been an exciting and rewarding experience. As more new students are joining our program, we continue to further broaden our interactions with other research areas.

Dr. Ming-Ying Leung
Director, Computational Science