Gregory_DumondGeologist Receives National Science Foundation Early Career Award - Gregory Dumond, University of Arkansas

Dumond uses research in Canada to study intracontinental systems. FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – Gregory Dumond, an assistant professor of geosciences at the University of Arkansas, has received a $226,543 Faculty Early Career Development Program award from the National Science Foundation to further his research of major intracontinental strike-slip faults in Earth's lower crust. 

Dumond is analyzing the Canadian Shield, an area in northern Saskatchewan, Canada, that was formed by local strains and major intracontinental faults deep inside the planet. He hopes the work will answer questions about the formation of Tibet, a major plateau in Asia.

"We will study a field area in Canada that has crust and faults that were once very deep, as much as 50 kilometers, but are now exposed at the surface," Dumond said. "This grant gives us an opportunity to study how these important faults work at depth. I am hoping to understand how the crust under Tibet works by using the field area in Canada as an analogy for the deep crust beneath it."  More details miner_pick-blue


BartoliniClaudio Bartolini, Ph.D., 1998

Dr. Claudio Bartolini was honored and received the AAPG 2011 Robert H. Dott Sr. Memorial Award as Editor of the Best Special Publication dealing with geology published by the Association: AAPG Memoir 79, The Circum-Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean: Hydrocarbon Habitats, Basin Formation, and Plate Tectonics

He currently is employed with Repsol, Madrid, Spain.

Dr. James W. Whalen Endowed Memorial Lecture Series

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Dr. James W. Whalen Endowed Memorial Lecture Series
"Cytochrome c and the Suicide Hotline: From Quantum Biology to Cancer Therapy"



 Geology Alum Takes Business Global

Drillinginfo, founded by Allen Gilmer (MS Geology '87), is expanding its reach into the international oil and gas market. Drillinginfo now employs approximately 300 people in offices located in Austin, Great Britain, Romania, Singapore and Bolivia. The company supplies more than 3000 oil and gas companies with business and risk reduction information. Another venture Mr. Gilmer is involved with, Vecta Gas and Oil is enjoying success on the national front. Vecta plans to drill 20 plus exploratory wells West and South Texas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and North Dakota. Mr.Gilmer and the Vecta team hold several patents related to waveform and seismic data.

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W. Vernon Kramer Named Commander and Chief Geologist for Mar's Society's FMARS XII Crew

kramerW. Vernon Kramer (BS '66, MS '70) will serve as commander and chief geologist for the Mars Society's FMARS XII crew. Mr. Kramer will join other volunteers at the Flashline Mars Arctic Research Station. Flashline, on Devon Island off the Canadian coast, is one of several habitats maintained by the society for simulations of Mars missions. As commander and chief geologist, Mr. Kramer will direct experiments to increase the knowledge base to prepare for human Mars exploration. Mr. Kramer is a Geology instructor at Del Mar College in Corpus Christi.