College of Science 2016 Mentoring Award Eligibility Requirements & Application Form

Eligibility Requirements


To be eligible for the mentoring award, a faculty member must meet the following criteria:


1)  The faculty member is appointed as a Full-Time Lecturer, Assistant Professor,

      Associate Professor, or Professor in the College of Science;


2)  The faculty member has served as a mentor to graduate and/or undergraduate students in research since fall 2013.


The award recipient must use $500 of the $1,000 in funds for research-related purposes (e.g., supplies, student conference travel, publication fees, etc.).


Questions about the 2016 Mentoring Award program sponsored by the College of Science should be sent to Tim Collins (


Application Form


Application Deadline: Thursday, April 29th 2016 (5 p.m.)

(Please e-mail questions to


Instructions: Please type in responses to items 1-4 directly below and submit this form as part of your application. Items 5, 6, and 7 require your submission of three separate documents (cover letter, documentation of research mentoring, CV); these should be submitted as separate attachments along with this completed application form.



Cover letter describing your engagement in student research mentoring and why you should be considered for this award: This must not exceed one page in length. Include this as a separate attachment.

Documentation of your engagement in student research mentoring since fall 2013: This should be provided in a separate document that includes information (in bulleted or outline form) about:

·         Mentored student research (specify each student’s level, the topic, whether it was for student credit; if the mentored research was funded, specify the funding source and duration of funding)

·         Publications co-authored with students or authored by students who have worked under your direction (specify whether each product is published, accepted but not yet published, or under review)

·         Presentations co-authored with students or authored by students who have worked under your direction

·         Student theses and dissertations supervised and committees served on (specify each student’s level [undergraduate, Master’s, doctoral], your supervisory role [chair vs. committee member], and whether each student project is completed or in progress)

·         Grants/funding to support student research training (specify submitted vs. awarded)

·         Student awards/honors received for research completed under your supervision

·         Career and professional achievements of your student mentees

Curriculum Vita. Include an updated version as a separate attachment.